What Tools Do You Need To Be An Effective Product Manager: Part 1?

How to manage products effectively?

Plant Analogy :

So if you want to be a product manager you need to act like a complete care taker who has committed his life for the product to sustain and grow.

Tools For Effective Product Management:

1. Product Strategy and Roadmapping:

1. Aha!

Source: Aha!

2. ProductPlan


2. Analytics:

1. Google Analytics:

2. MixPanel :

3. GeckoBoard:

4. Customer Feedback :

1. Google Forms :

2. SurveyMonkey :

To know more survey more and you may be able to define a real actionable to enhance your product user engagement and experience.

3. Typeforms

What’s Next?

Summary :

If you aspire to be an effective product leader always trust data which your user is giving. Until you empathize your customer and are willing enough to listen and learn about their needs you will never be able to deliver a product which can solve real-world problems and create measurable impact.

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