How to set up Jenkins and CI/CD pipelines using GitHub?


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Today we will look into how we can set up a CI/CD pipeline to automate the code deployment using the power of Jenkins.

In this part, we will cover :

  • How to build a Jenkins Docker image?
  • How to deploy the Jenkins image onto our local Minikube cluster?
  • How to run the deployed…

What Is The Reality Behind Bitcoin’s Carbon Emission & Consumption?

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Elon Musk, a few weeks back very strongly brought up the carbon emission issue and blamed bitcoin to be one of the contributors. …

Elon Musk Love & Hate relation With Bitcoin Continues My Take On This!

In the tweet below from Cointelegraph,

Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka made this two hard statement against Elon, in Bruce Whitfield’s Money Show this week,

She also spoke that,

She feels that a lot of market manipulation around Bitcoin is…

Every four years, the amount of Bitcoin awarded to miners is halved. This event is known as BitCoin halving. We will explore this today.

In Short:

  • The Bitcoin halving is an event where mining rewards are cut in half.
  • This halving of rewards occurs every four years.
  • This logic of cutting down the reward by half every 4 years comes pre-coded into Bitcoin’s blockchain protocol.

Bitcoin is rightly touted as a store of value and is seen as digital gold by many crypto investors & enthusiasts. One of the contributing factors that makes it a valuable asset to hold and preserve is its Reward halving cycle. This event makes it more scarce and increases the demand due to supply shock, which creeps up.

Today we will…

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Is Set To change The Game Of Privacy & Security

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For legacy bitcoin protocol, user’s data privacy & security is of supreme concern and Taproot upgrade is going to make its network more reliable, secure and efficient.

The proposed Taproot upgrade has got the required consensus of more than 90% from the group of miners , which signifies that it is a matter of few months when this upgrade soft fork activation will be realised.

But why should you be excited by this most awaited upgrade news, and what the heck is Taproot? Is what we will decode in this piece today .


What Is Taproot All About ? says:

Taproot is a…

What Is NFT & How Does It Work?

source: Unsplash

I am extremely fascinated by this new concept of NFT and often feels:

So today to give a wing to all my readers’ imaginations, I would like to detail out NFT, to help you all comprehend the same in a simplified and crisp manner.

We will cover this journey in these steps :

  • What Is NFT All About?
  • What Is Fungibility?
  • Key NFT Attributes One Should Know
  • What Is So…

Amazon recently listed the Job Posting For Head of Product with Blockchain & DeFi Experience. Let’s explore why ?

Here is the Job Posting which has attracted many eyeballs from crypto community and enthusiast:

Where it says (A para from their posting )

“ Are you passionate about blockchain and decentralized networks and their potential to transform how people, companies, and governments transact? Do you want to define the future direction for how Amazon Web Services (AWS) will enable customers to solve problems and innovate with blockchain technology across a wide range of industries and use cases? Come join us to head product on the Amazon Managed Blockchain team.”

Why Is This Job Posting Significant ?

Amazon is a tech giant which does thing at scale…

What Is MINA Protocol & How Does It Work?

source: Mina Twitter

I Feel:

Today we want to cover one such lightweight blockchain project named “MINA” protocol , which is also known as the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by their participants.

In my initiative to cover some…

What it means for humanity if bitcoin is adopted as legal tender by a country like El Salvador

I feel

“Bitcoin can be a true force to make common people live like a true human”

In the on-going largest bitcoin conference 2021 happening in Miami, one news which has hogged all the limelight and also the heart of the bitcoin community is this big announcement made by EL Salvador president,

Nayib Bukele where, he announced that ,

He will submit a bitcoin bill to make it a legal tender in his country. EL Salvador President shared his vision to make his country the first to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender.

He also published this on twitter:

Polygon hosts DApps & Defi ecosystem now worth 7.33 Billion till date

Polygon matic ecosystem has been on fire in the last few months and has managed to host 300+ Dapps, Defi projects on their polygon network . They have been partnering & scaling fast and has recently come up with the Developer SDK to further augment their network reach and adoption.

Here are some of the key stats you must know:

  • As per recent report by DappRadar Polygon has grew to mammoth 1102 % in the month of may 2021, has around $5.7 billion TVL by may month end
  • As per DappsRadar, May 2021 has been the most happening month as more than 1,000,000 unique active wallets connected with a blockchain…


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